Citizens Organized for Reasonable Routes Enhancing Community Traffic & Safety non- non-partisan, nonprofit, member-supported public interest organization that promotes Traffic and Safety issues by influencing public policy decisions: legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral. A community organization dedicated to providing a central place to review Park Ridge Traffic and Safety issues with its citizens and their elected Representatives and City's management. To practice and promote the responsible use of our roads, traffic systems and resources. To educate and enlist citizens to protect and restore the quality of our auto and pedestrian traffic as one of our cherished human environments in Park Ridge. CORRECTS - Citizens Organized for Reasonable Routes Enhancing Community Traffic & Safety believes that citizen's pedestrian safety, auto safety and reasonable routes comes first in city traffic. That before adding a traffic signal or traffic signals which generates slow traffic, bumper-to-bumper traffic, traffic gridlock, traffic complaints, traffic crashes, traffic signs, traffic bottleneck, automobile traffic, traffic congestion, rush hour traffic, bumper to bumper traffic, traffic congestion, rush hour traffic and automobile traffic, that a Park Ridge Alderman and/or Park Ridge Aldermen, should require a traffic study to avoid this auto traffic scenario in Park Ridge, Illinois. Only reasonable auto traffic should be permitted to provide reasonable routes with traffic safety and avoid traffic accidents, traffic injuries, pedestrian injuries, auto accidents, traffic problems, which will also decrease pedestrian traffic in Park Ridge and thus negatively affect retail sales and our quality of life. We encourage Park Ridge citizens to register and for all voters to vote only for a Park Ridge Alderman / Park Ridge Aldermen Park Ridge Mayor that promises to ensure Reasonable Routes and City Traffic Safety. Today’s Park Ridge City Policy of waiting for citizens to first be injured, maimed and dead, while creating a serious crisis of traffic congestion, in traffic routes and hurting existing retail businesses, is unacceptable. CORRECTS holds itself out as an Open Forum to provide an opportunity for citizens and organizations to inform the public of events, issues or projects. This will allow you to report anything you wish to see addressed or answered regarding traffic anywhere in Park Ridge. Your input on this issue if vital to all of us. Please review and advise us of what you think of the concepts and what you prefer. We need your input to inform and advise. Check out our Park Ridge Traffic and Safety series of forums and speak out.

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Issued - November 20, 2006 

Smell the Roses, this is Park Ridge

A Citizens Open Letter to the residents

Earlier this summer, a number of cars and trucks turning eastbound onto Manor Lane from Northwest Highway were clocked at speeds of up to 45 mph and semi-trailers have been cutting through without slowing down heading north on Potter. I hope others can be spared the terror I felt when I was crossing the street with my young son and having to suddenly grab and pick him up and literally run as fast as I could to get out of the way of a speeding car, or something tragic. The standard for our children crossing our street should not have to be running.


A couple of years ago a young girl was nearly hit by a car on our block. Safety has been a growing concern for a number of residents. It's a horrible feeling watching your elderly neighbor weep in the emergency room after a crash on Potter at Manor, which occurred this summer.


Two years ago, the city installed temporary speed bumps in an effort to calm traffic by slowing down the drivers that disrespect the safety of our residents. I'm not a fan of these speed bumps either. I am however, a fan of safety.


I am living in the house I grew up in as a child and traffic has been getting worse with each year and will continue to degrade. Our short cut-thru block has experienced a shift in traffic due to significant bottlenecks and no traffic relief improvements over decades throughout town. We have all seen the influx of traffic into our neighborhoods and throughout the city. Increased traffic growth is predicted to continue in our city by the experts with no end to it in sight and no road improvements. As citizens it is our responsibility to address the need for more responsible road usage and pedestrian safety. I am grateful the city is addressing an issue that could prevent an unnecessary tragedy and improve roads for all of Park Ridge. The members of our City Council, Public Works and City Traffic Commission are studying the means to resolve traffic issues for all of Park Ridge. I appreciate their city-wide attention, support and efforts to reasonably improve our quality of life.


In the paradox of time, we've learned to rush more and not wait. We drive too fast, yet there still isn't enough time to get "it" all done. We blare our horns over speed bumps or tailgate drivers obeying the speed limit, yet believe this sort of expression of anger is acceptable. We jump to conclusions, yet we don't hear all sides. What seems to become the norm is bewildering. Whoever said that life is too short, said it best. I enjoy the slow moments. Improve the quality of your life, remove some of the frustrations and slow down ”to smell the roses”, this is Park Ridge… appreciate it.


Agnes Malin


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