Citizens Organized for Reasonable Routes Enhancing Community Traffic & Safety non-on-partisan, nonprofit, member-supported public interest organization that promotes Traffic and Safety issues by influencing public policy decisions: legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral. A community organization dedicated to providing a central place to review Park Ridge Traffic and Safety issues with its citizens and their elected Representatives and City's management. To practice and promote the responsible use of our roads, traffic systems and resources. To educate and enlist citizens to protect and restore the quality of our auto and pedestrian traffic as one of our cherished human environments in Park Ridge. CORRECTS - Citizens Organized for Reasonable Routes Enhancing Community Traffic & Safety believes that citizen's pedestrian safety, auto safety and reasonable routes comes first in city traffic. That before adding a traffic signal or traffic signals which generates slow traffic, bumper-to-bumper traffic, traffic gridlock, traffic complaints, traffic crashes, traffic signs, traffic bottleneck, automobile traffic, traffic congestion, rush hour traffic, bumper to bumper traffic, traffic congestion, rush hour traffic and automobile traffic, that a Park Ridge Alderman and/or Park Ridge Aldermen, should require a traffic study to avoid this auto traffic scenario in Park Ridge, Illinois. Only reasonable auto traffic should be permitted to provide reasonable routes with traffic safety and avoid traffic accidents, traffic injuries, pedestrian injuries, auto accidents, traffic problems, which will also decrease pedestrian traffic in Park Ridge and thus negatively affect retail sales and our quality of life. We encourage Park Ridge citizens to register and for all voters to vote only for a Park Ridge Alderman / Park Ridge Aldermen Park Ridge Mayor that promises to ensure Reasonable Routes and City Traffic Safety. Today’s Park Ridge City Policy of waiting for citizens to first be injured, maimed and dead, while creating a serious crisis of traffic congestion, in traffic routes and hurting existing retail businesses, is unacceptable. CORRECTS holds itself out as an Open Forum to provide an opportunity for citizens and organizations to inform the public of events, issues or projects. This will allow you to report anything you wish to see addressed or answered regarding traffic anywhere in Park Ridge. Your input on this issue if vital to all of us. Please review and advise us of what you think of the concepts and what you prefer. We need your input to inform and advise. Check out our Park Ridge Traffic and Safety series of forums and speak out.

.Our Mission: Reduce Vehicle Congestion, Prevent Injuries, Save Lives

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July 20, 2005  You Rate Our Representatives

A 4th of July Declaration:

The time has come in Park Ridge when citizens must take back control of their government. To this end a new party is created dedicated to:

Honesty: Not just an ethical issue, honesty is a matter of political capital responsibility.

Accountability: Political Parties must make clear commitments to distinct candidates and elected officials and abide by them.

Consideration: A critical pillar of trust is the belief that a party shows regard for the interest and feelings of others.

Transparency: Trust and transparency reinforce each other.

City Fights, Risks Everything on Illegal Ordinance

Break Traffic Promises, Time for a New Party!

City to Fight, Risk Progress Underway

Breaking Traffic Promises, PRC & City Gamble All


How To Correctly Get the TA2 Underway Now

Will Political Promises be Kept on Better Traffic?

New Traffic Routing Proposal Cover Letter


Talcott Traffic Safety Study Request of Public Works
Deadly Intersections by 3 schools need redesign


Mayor Accepts PRC's New Traffic Study Offer

Mayor & Council Prepares for Offer or Suits


Keeping Political Promises Traffic & Safety Will Promises be Kept Despite Council Wars?


Political Conflict Versus Traffic and Safety?

Can totally divided council factions save Park Ridge from TA2 traffic & Safety, as promised

Faction Avg               Faction Avg

Mayor Howard Frimark

Mark Anderson      Andrea Bateman

Jeff Cox                     Joseph Baldi

Don Crampton   Richard A. DiPietro

Kimberly Jones      Kirke Machon

Jeannie Markech        Frank Wsol

Rex Parker    

James Radermacher     

Mary Wynn Ryan

 ? ? ? ? ? ? New 4th Ward Alderman ? ? ? ?


Listens and Concerned

Listens, Concerned and Votes

Listens, Concerned, Participates and Votes

Outstanding Listening, Concern, Participation Vote

An Open Email Reply to a CORRECTS Reader

And Statement Sent to Our Elected Officials

Check Park Ridge Ex-Officials Rating Forever

TA2 Accidents to be Linked to Ex-Officials

CORRECTS Candidates City Council Majority!
Better Traffic, Parking and Safety for All.


CORRECTS to seek injunction to stop Uptown

CORRECTS Moving Ahead - The Bugle Headline Front Page


Traffic Study to Extend Busse to Summit Ignored

Improved Circulation Uptown Diverts Six Corners' Traffic


Parking Unavailable for Library, Pickwick & Prospect

PRC Parking Shortage Reduces Library Lot & Meacham!


Nancy Frimark Injured in Freak Car Accident TWICE
Elderly Driver Rammed Car Again Steeping on the GAS!

Why Interim Mayor MaRous Really Endorsed Tinaglia

MaRous's Actions Cause for Renegotiations With Developer?

How CORRECTS Rates Recommends Candidates

Park Ridge Confronts Hate Factor, Fear Factor

Nadig Newspapers' Analysis & Opinion by Russ Stewart

Chicago's Traffic Control

Traffic lights that self-adjust to reduce congestion... make Chicago move faster

03/20/00 UptownTraffic & Parking Sub-Committee

Who killed Traffic and Parking Sub-Committee's vision?

Citizen for Responsible & Appropriate Development in Lisle (CRDAL)

How CRADL Beat City Officials and Threw Them All Out!

Suburbs pessimistic about future traffic - Tribune

Too Much Development Biggest Factor Traffic Congestion

CURRB Forum Candidates - Herald-Advocate Article

Frimark said "I don't want a traffic problem later. I want to do it right now so we don't have a traffic problem later." Tinaglia said "that traffic would not be a problem in Uptown". However, if there is a problem, "we will work to solve that problem."

CURRB Your Enthusiasm, Uptown to be a Wrigleyville?

Does Park Ridge want such and inner-urban environment?

'Rosemont wants its own 'Disneyland' - Sun-Times

Envisions 35-acre movie theaters, clubs & restaurants

They paved paradise, and forgot the parking lot *

Better, Safer, Faster New Design, Rejected Because MaRous Intimidated City Council to Fear Any Change

Is your Block About to Become a Through Street?

Area Bearing Additional New Traffic from PRC Last Plan

City's Really Bad Traffic Plan & Study

The Traffic Routing Could not be MORE Unsafe or More Congested

Better, Safer, Faster - New Design!

New Traffic Routing Proposal Cover Letter

Over Regulating Park Ridge Roads, Wrong ?

What adding hundreds of Stop Sign will do ..  Making Streets Unsafe

How Hired Professional Consultants Produce Traffic Study of Half-truths and Distortions

Will Uptown's Sub-Optimized Traffic Study Bring Congestion, Injuries and Loss of Life

City Manager Admits Loss of Traffic Control

Whatever Will Be, Will Be...  Que Sera, Sera

2-Story Building to replace Summit Mall?

City excited about 2-Story Building on N.W. Hwy., but Touhy and Summit stoplight will jam N.W. Highway, Summit, Prospect, Washington & Touhy

Polish Alliance at Ryan-Parke Funeral Home?

Land & building swap deal, would diminish the draw of retail patrons

Condos coming to N.W. Hwy. & Greenwood

City to add more N.W. Hwy residential traffic?

01/03/05 Add a Stoplight at Touhy and Summit

Accident Victim Speaks After 20-Year Silence!!!

Death of Pedestrian Costs Fontana, CA Millions $$$$

In a surprise verdict, the parents of a 14-year old girl killed as she walked along a busy roadway after school were awarded $37.5 million. The parent’s attorney argued that the city of Fontana, CA, did not act on complaints that the lack of sidewalks caused an unsafe environment, especially in light of the heavy traffic along the road. The city was found by the jury to be 75% negligent in her death, and the parents of the unlicensed 15 year old driver who killed the girl were found to be 25% negligent. Sidewalks installed after the accident cost $6,000. The city plans to appeal.
What is Safety Conscious Planning (SCP)?

Traffic Calming Library
Institute of Transportation Engineers

Check Archive files for all 2004 position papers

George Kirkland